Data Room Cleaning

In many organisations the Data Room is one of your companies biggest assets. Contamination from various particles is a significant factor when assessing risk in your Data Room and requires on-going and active management. Failure to recognise the risks to your Data Room risk can result in significant downtime. We, as a technical hygiene specialist can help you to manage this risk.

data room

We currently provide Data Room, Server Room and Communication Room cleaning to some of the UK’s largest companies and use a team of highly trained staff to carry out these projects.

Comprehensive cleaning service

Our Data Room cleaning service is comprehensive and is adaptable to your Company’s specific needs. We will provide you with a free no obligation survey, quote and recommendations on how to reduce the risks caused by contamination in your Data Rooms.

Specialist Data Room deep cleaning

I.S. Hygiene provides specialist deep cleaning solutions to our clients. These cleaning solutions can include the cleaning of the floor voids and floor surfaces, the cleaning of accessible surfaces, such as walls, doors and ledges, and the cleaning of communication and equipment cabinets.


I.S. Hygiene use specialist products, equipment and procedures with tried and tested, fully documented cleaning solutions for the cleaning of these sensitive areas. We use a range of products including anti-static products and Hepa filtered vacuum cleaners. Our comprehensive cleaning programmes help to reduce the level of particulates in your Data Room, reducing the risk of any unexpected downtime.

We carry out a detailed survey of every room before providing a prospective client with a quotation and full cleaning specification. We regularly review our Health & Safety Policy, as well as its comprehensive ‘Simply Safe’ Health & Safety Manual and a Risk Assessment is provided with every quote.

Tailored programme

I.S. Hygiene uses comprehensive cleaning solutions which can help reduce the level of particulate contamination in your Data Room. We can tailor an on-going preventative maintenance cleaning programme for you to help keep the risks caused by particulates to a minimum.

Our tailored Data Room Cleaning Programmes may include the cleaning of such areas:

  • Communication cabinet cleaning
  • Equipment cabinet cleaning
  • Floor surfaces
  • General surface cleaning
  • HVAC cleaning
  • Post construction cleaning
  • Sub floor voids

All of our operatives are trained to a very high level of competence.  We are regularly audit our processes to ensure the highest standards of work and safety. After every job has been completed we will present you with a Service Appraisal form for your feedback on our service and to ensure we have met your expectations.