Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Room cleaning?
It is the removal of all accessible contaminants, including dust and dirt, from the room.

Why clean my Data Room?
In a survey by Information Week, over 75% of employers said that had experienced downtime or business disruption in the last 5 years caused by contamination in their Data Room.

Can the Data Room remain operational while cleaning takes place?
Yes. All our staff are experienced and highly trained at cleaning these environments in a way that allows your Data Room to continue to operate smoothly while even our deepest clean is in progress.

What sectors of the market do you service?
We have worked with companies ranging from medium sized businesses to FTSE 100 companies, including many household names. We provide Data Room cleaning services to all sectors of the market.

Are you able to provide references?
Yes. We can provide you with references from our current and previous clients.

Is Health & Safety important?
Yes. We constantly review our Health & Safety Policies and update our Health & Safety Manual. Risk assessments are provided with every job we undertake.