Preventative Maintenance

In Data Rooms, the most prolific generators of contamination are visiting operatives and engineers.

multiple servers in dataroom

Such contamination is produced through the shedding of skin cells, sneezing and even bringing in contamination on their clothes and shoes. Contamination can also be created by the degradation of metal floors, plastered walls and the packaging materials commonly found in these environments.

No Data Room environment remains free from particle contamination for long. Over time, the levels of contamination will increase. Unless the Data Room environment is cleaned, the efficiency of the Data Room is affected and the risk of downtime is significantly increased.

32f console back
The impact of downtime can be disastrous as a Data Room is the nerve centre of any company and the losses incurred by this downtime can be immense

The Benefits of Cleaning a Data Room

  • Helps to reduce the level of particulate contamination in these essential company areas.
  • Helps to increase the efficiency of the Data Room.
  • Helps to reduce any risk of downtime to the company.


Why use I.S. Hygiene

  • I.S. Hygiene is an experienced specialist technical cleaning company drawing on experience since 1983.
  • I.S. Hygiene works to fully documented procedures and guidelines.
  • I.S. Hygiene have experienced staff to ensure each project runs seamlessly to an outstanding standard.